How To Choose A Dog Ramp for an SUV

When looking for the best dog ramp for an SUV, car or truck its important to note the unique needs of a dog. A dog ramp can be used for helping a dog recuperate following an injury, to minimize joint stress when accessing vehicles and to make rehabilitation using hydrotherapy safer.

Dog ramps can be used for SUVs, cars, pools, boats, stairs and beds. These are invaluable tools that assist most dogs that have difficulty in access due to illness, age or weight. Dog ramps allow dogs to maintain a high-quality life especially those that have been diagnosed with dog arthritis.

How To Choose a dog ramp

The following are some of the features to be considered when selecting the best dog ramp:

Compact storage

A folding, or telescoping dog ram model is ideal. This is because they can be easily opened and folded back without the use of any hardware. Therefore, they facilitate pace-saving storage in the small closet of a home or he cargo area of a vehicle.


A good dog ramp should have sufficient surface traction particularly when a pet is being loaded to a vehicle in icy or wet conditions to prevent slipping.


Safety features on a dog ramp are mandatory. Therefore, both the front as well as the rear non-skid feet or stabilizer lips are necessary for keeping the pet secure and dog ramp in place. In addition, it should be equipped with side railings to help in stabilizing the ramp thus preventing falls.


It should have a weight capacity that is rated for the consumer’s pet size.

Easy handling

The dog ramp ought to be of lightweight to allow the user to work easily with it. It should have a handle for convenient carrying by single-hand.

Choosing the Best Dog Ramp for SUV

It should be noted that not all dog ramps have the same quality, the following are some of the best dog ramp for SUV on the market that money can buy:

Pet Gear Travel Lite Bi-Fold Half Ramp

This is a high-quality product from the renowned Pet Gear brand. It is designed for both dogs and cats. Pet Gear is specialized in the design and distribution of new and innovative pet products.

This dog ramp also includes carpet treading. This feature is removable to facilitate easy cleaning and provides pets with a sure-footing. Another key benefit is that it is easy to fold for a compact storage.

Easy handling is built into the product for portability and easy to use for any SUV. I added this dog ramp after seeing a Oswego rofing contractor use it. We spoke for a bit an he mentioned how much he loved this ramp. He takes his dog with him everyday to and from his Portland office and out to job sites. This dog ramp also features enhanced stability with it has rubber grippers incorporated on its bottom to keep the ramp steady in use.

As a side note, it is available in gorgeous colors Sage and Tan.

Pet Gear Travel Lite Ramp

This black/green colored ramp is yet another amazing product from the giant brand, Pet Gear. This premier SUV dog Ramp has a soft textured mat to protect auto interiors and pets’ paws. The mat is easily removable for convenient cleaning.

This dog ramp is fitted with pressure-activated grip to allow for the paws of pets to easily grip onto it for sure-footing. It’s also important to note that It can accommodate pets that weigh up to 150 lbs.

The ramp even folds to enable compact storage that saves valuable space.

This product is extremely portable since it comes with an easy to use folding feature and the built-in handle. On top of that the edges of the ramp are raised with the aim of preventing slippage.

Pet Gear Tri-Fold Ramp

This is a superb pet ramp that is designed for safety and comfort. It is equipped with a reflective-material with very high visibility. To help pets move on the ramp.

The side safety reflector on this dog ramp promote optimum visibility when it is in use. Also, It can comfortably accommodate pets that weigh a maximum of 200 pounds.

A key note is that its slip resistant surface provides dogs with a sure-footing. Another feature is the ramp’s bottom has rubber grips for stability purposes.

Portability and compact storage  are facilitated by the product’s built-in handle and easy fold-design.

Solvit Deluxe Telescoping Dog Ramp

The Solvit brand are known for their premium-quality and high-performance products, this ramp is no different. A nice features is its ability to extend with minimal effort from 39 in all the way to 72 in.

Also, the walking surface has raised rails on either side to guide pet feet when using the ramp. Roger, a professional SEO first brought this product to our attention.

The ramp’s walking surface is also designed to have high traction due to its suitable texture. This functions to prevent slips.

It has a high weight capacity i.e. 400 lb. This means that even very heavy dogs can safely use thus lasts longer.

Portability is enabled by its light weight of 13 lb. It can be easily carried from one place to another.

Paws & Pals Auto Dog Ramp

Paws and Pals have become a household name in the pet industry due to robust products like this best dog ramp for SUV. It is easy to install and even store because of its light weight.

The ramp’s foldable feature and its handles make it highly portable whenever the need arises.

This dog ramp simplifies both exit and entry from SUVs, trucks and cars.  It can carry a maximum pet weight of 150 lbs. thus making it perfectly safe even for large dogs.

It’s extremely versatile as it works well in both dry and wet weather.


Pet owners, K-9 officers and veterinarians will appreciate that the products above can relieve strain off them when they are handling a dog. People who require support when climbing or walking use canes, crutches or hold on to railing. When dogs need support, they use dog ramps!

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