5 Best Dog Car Seat Covers – Review

Gone are the days when we used to leave our dogs at home when we are traveling. Today, dog car seat covers have made it possible to convert any seat in your car into a safe place for your furry friend to relax during the trip. In this article I’ll be reviewing the 5 best dog car seat covers.

However, the rising demand for this precious accessory, different manufacturers are trying to come up with a variety of products in the quest of claiming a more significant market share. Consequently, this has made it difficult for first-time buyers to choose the best product from the line. Keep in mind that these car seat covers are washer friendly but they may cause issues if your dog sheds too much. If you run into issues with your washing machine you can find a good source of front load washer repair images to help guide you through the repair process.

Our comprehensive and unbiased review will give you an insight of the best five dog car seats according to customers’ reviews and expert recommendation. Let’s face it;

1. Doglemi Pet Seat Cover

Coming with a durable water-proof design, the Doglemi pet seat cover protects your car seats against scratch, dirt, and stains. The soft cotton layer ensures that your dog stays in place cozily. Moreover, it is easy to install and features quick release clips.

The slip-proof PVC material used to manufacture the covers offers scratch resistance against the paws and nails of your dog. You will also love the seat anchors since they enhance the safety and durability of cover. With a multi-functional design, this seat cover is perfect for not only small pets but also medium and large ones.

2. CarZonn Dog Car Seat Cover

The CarZonn car seat cover is continually becoming a consumer’s favorite since it features a wide range of incredible features meticulously integrated to give your dog unbeatable comfort. Originally, this car seat was not part of the list until one day when I hired a San Diego car service that accommodated dogs and this chauffeur had it there. Manufactured from a 2-layer tear-proof fabric, this seat cover can withstand both small and heavy dogs. Plus, the anti-slip feature protects your car seats against scratch and dirt. When it comes to storage and installation, this product is unbeatable. The anti-slip innovative anchors ensure that the seat cover is in place when in use. Furthermore, the cover can be folded and stored in a bag when it is not in use.

3. Arova Car Seat Cover

With a unique mesh design, the Arova car seat allows you to communicate with your pet in the back seat whenever you want to. The cover is also water and scratch-proof, giving you the peace of mind that your car seats are protected against any attempts of scratching. The slip-proof PVC material protects the car seats against dander, spills, and dirt, keeping your vehicle tidy at all times. You will also love this accessory because it is easy to install; you just snap the buckle straps around your car’s headrests and then tuck in the anchors, and wow, the job is done.

4. 4Knines Dog Seat Cover

Covered by a generous lifetime warranty against defect parts and workmanship, the 4Knines dog car seat gives you the peace of mind that you have invested in a quality product. Its unique seat anchors and non-slip rubber backing ensures that the cover is securely in place throughout the trip. Besides, the colorfast waterproof material holds all the moisture, pet hair and dirt on the cover, enhancing the cleanness of your car. The cover is also versatile when it comes to cleaning; you can wipe it clean with a wet cloth, throw it in a washing machine or simply vacuum it.

5. Bulldogology Premium Dog Car Seat Covers

If you want to protect your car seats against scratches, dirt, debris, or muddy paws, then you can confidently invest in this Bulldogology dog car seat. With a universal fit hammock, this car seat cover is easy to install and remove, in under seconds. The adjustable straps are easy to use, the non-slip silicone backing secures the cover seat in pace, while the seat anchors prevent scratches. The pet seat covers also features padded materials that offer ultra-protection and comfortable rides.

Final verdict

Needless to say, bringing your pets for a ride is not only fun for you, but also for them. Pets, especially dogs love being in your car, and it makes perfect sense to have them keep you company when you are driving. However, they can easily damage your car seats if they are not protected. This is why you need the best dog car seat. Our review is just an eye-opener, what you expect from the best car seat cover.

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